When you’re a high-powered executive living the good life, and your husband suddenly dies, what do you do? Why, you buy a motorcycle, of course! Linda Crill tackled the unexpected head on, and it took her on a journey you won’t believe!   Later, James McManus returns to Conversations Live to discuss his latest work, Black Venus

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Beautiful, fit, happily married, and successful, former executive Linda Crill was the kind of woman who made things happen. But after losing her husband at 57, she found herself in the middle of an identity crisis. Desperate for a change – and in a fit of rebellion – Crill signed up for a 2,500 mile road trip down the Pacific coast with a group of experienced motorcycle riders. At the time, she had never riden anything more powerful than a bicycle! She recounts her surprising adventure in her new memoir, Blind Curves, and imparts the valuable lesson’s she learned along the way. Crill is a sought after Washington DC consultant and motivational speaker, working with companies such as Citigroup, Cadbury-Mott’s, Goldman Sachs, and Marriott International, as well as universities, non-profits, and governmental departments and agencies.

James McManus makes his return to Conversations Live to chat about his latest work, Black Venus.  The title is the name given to Jeanne Duval by the great French poet Charles Baudelaire, and the novel chronicles their fascinating relationship.  London-born McManus has lived an adventurous life in the world of journalism, rising in the ranks from trainee reporter all the way to a managing director, hitting every step of the ladder on the way up!  Heart surgery led to his focusing primarily on writing, and he has enjoyed success in both novels and script writing. 

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