John Jacobsen, director and host of The Artist’s Toolbox, discusses the process of making something out of nothing. Later, Wall Street Journal bestselling author Douglas Preston chats about his latest novel, Gideon’s Sword. We’ll also talk with Echook founder Tessa Smith McGovern.   Memorial Day encore broadcast!!

With The Artist’s Toolbox, John Jacobsen reveals the secrets of creative genius by engaging America’s top artists in one-on-one interviews about their personal processes in creating great art. Jacobsen has won numerous awards for his direction on short films, and has worked as a producer on feature films as well. He is president of Thefilmschool, which he co-founded with Tom Skerritt among other filmmakers, and was a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute.

Douglas Preston co-wrote his latest novel, Gideon’s Sword, with partner Lincoln Child. In this page-turning thriller, we are introduced to Gideon Crew, star of the brand new Preston and Child series. Many of Preston’s original works have been picked up by Hollywood studios, including Relic, which was released as a major motion picture.

Tessa Smith McGovern is an award-winning short story writer and founder of Echook, a site dedicated to downloading short stories on your phone.

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