No one escapes hurt, sadness, or fear at some point during their lives. But your real story begins when you work through those feelings and decide, “Okay, what’s next?” Listen to rebroadcast at Noon PT on KKNW. Or listen to PODCAST of live show. First aired June 2008. Happy Memorial Day!

She was a CNN anchor for 12 years, facing what she called “the big blank slate” of her life. After 20 years in television, she’d lost her passion; CNN would not be renewing her contract at year end. And she had no idea what to do or in which direction to head. But she did know that she wanted to make a difference. Daryn Kagan joins Vicki to share the inspirational journey of how she reinvented herself and her life, going from hard news and sports reporter to inspirational story teller. Her new book, What’s Possible! 50 True Stories of People Who Dared to Dream They Could Make a Difference. Learn more about today’s dynamic guest and the life-changing work she now does at

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