Therapist and former philosophy professor Dr. Paul Dunion believes that peace and a more meaningful life can come from becoming… and remaining… a ‘novice mystic.” Later, from musicians in hospitals to quilts on the National Mall, art is already healing people all over the world. Dr.s and spiritualists Michael Samuels (MD) and Mary Rockwood Lane (PhD) have teamed up once again with their latest book, Healing with the Arts: A 12-week Program to Heal Yourself and Your Community, combining their own stories with professional expertise to teach people how to heal themselves. 

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Dr.’s Michael Samuels (MD) and Mary Rockwood Lane (PhD) both know firsthand what it’s like to heal through art: Mary painted her way through depression, while Michael healed a patient’s arthritic pain via illustration. Based off of their proven program used in hospitals around the country, Healing with the Arts: A 12-Week Program to Heal Yourself and Your Community highlights the extraordinary ways that the arts can help people heal mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Michael and Mary have teamed up on several books devoted to creativity and innovation in healing, and are widely considered among the foremost experts in body, mind, and spirit medicine.

The key to gaining some understanding of the journey of life begins with grasping and accepting that is is mysterious, insecure, and unpredictable. Dr. Paul Dunion, therapist and former philosophy professor, explains in his new book Path of the Novice Mystic: Maintaining a Beginner’s Heart and Mind that wheter you are religious or non-religious, there can be spiritual enrichment in remaining a beginner, as he opines that a novice starts the day open to what’s new, and lives from curiosity rather than already discovered conclusions. Dr. Dunion can help foster the ability to forgive, develop a healthy ego without becoming arrogant, and make peace with life while shedding needless worry and anxiety. Dr. Dunion is a licensed professional counselor with his own counseling and consulting practice. He has led over 300 workshops on a wide range of topics.

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