For straight talk on confidence, courage, and career for women, Becky Blalock delivers, and she dares you to take charge of your life! Also today, Anne Katherine recognizes that your boundaries may be your comfort zone, but in excess may be limiting your potential. 
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Becky Blalock’s new book Dare takes women firmly by the hand and propels them onward and upward. Through a series of dares, Blalock empowers women to succeed with practical strategies that build relationships, promote potential, and ultimately create opportunities on which great careers are founded, nurtured, and grown.

Have you ever felt a little empty at the end of a day? Or maybe it seems as if your dreams and goals are becoming farther away and harder to attain. Perhaps there are days when it seems like you have more friends in the digital world than the real world. Anne Katherine has discovered that not truly connecting to people face-to-face can be detrimental to your long-term goals as well as your daily happiness. In Boundaries in an Overconnected World, she can help you better certain aspects of your life, such as the distance or closeness you want with friends, turning longings into reality, and making better connections to the people in your life.

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