Fight the bad economy and grow your business in spite of it! And later, Vicki talks with Jason Selk, the Director of Mental Training for the World Series winning St. Louis Cardinals, about how to reach the next level by developing your mental toughness! Join Vicki and her guests on Monday at noon on KKNW 1150AM!

As founder and CEO of Intertech, a Minneapolis based consulting and training firm, Tom Salonek used his meteoric rise as the basis for his book Building A Winning Business. In it, he covers the basics like hiring and time management, and demonstrates why the poor economic times have little to do with business growth if you are doing the “right things”. He also shares how growing up on a farm made him a better business owner. Salonek holds a degree in computer science, and has written over 50 articles on business and leadership, and in 2005 was named one of Minnesota’s top business leaders under 40.

Dr. Jason Selk is the author of Executive Toughness: The Mental Training Program to Increase Your Leadership Performance. He uses his in-depth knowledge and experiences working with the world’s finest business leaders, athletes, and coaches to help individuals and organizations achieve extraordinary levels of success by developing their mental toughness. He covers a wide range of topics including whether women can benefit from mental toughness as well as men, if mental toughness requires a thicker skin and more competitive nature, and how these skills can affect your home life as well as business.

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