Special Re-Broadcast: Vicki is joined today by three bestselling authors, Sarah Blake, Andrea Kane, and Elin Hilderbrand, whose stories span from forensic science to historical romance!

What would happen if a postmistress chose not to deliver the mail? In The Postmistress, Sarah Blake explores that question by taking you back in time to 1940, to a small coastal Massachusetts town on the cusp of entering World War II, where the postmistress carries a secret that could bring America into the war. Alternately, Blake takes you to London, where Europe is being torn apart as a fearless radio gal sends her dispatches across the Atlantic, imploring listeners to pay attention. Blake is an accomplished writer of essays, reviews, and novels, whose work has appeared in several national publications. She is a former high school and college English instructor who has also taught several fiction workshops.

Time is running out for a 5-year old girl, and a an unconventional team of operatives with unique skills and talents are her best hope for rescue from what appears to be a precision kidnapping. In The Girl Who Disappeared Twice, NYT bestseller mainstay Andrea Kane shows how this unorthodox group of specialists demonstrates a blatant disregard for authority in their efforts to do whatever it takes to solve the crime. Kane has a worldwide following, as her books have been published in over twenty languages.

In her latest novel Silver Girl, Elin Hilderbrand employs racy narrative, topical references, and familiar and memorable characters to tell the story of Meredith Martin Delinn, who lost everything due to her husband cheating rich investors out of billions. She joins her best friend to try to escape their problems by summering on Nantucket Island, but it’s not long before the pair are plagued by both new and old troubles alike. Hilderbrand is a graduate of both John Hopkins University and the graduate fiction workshop at the University of Iowa, with ten novels to her credit, many set in her hometown of Nantucket.

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