Today Vicki is pleased to welcome multi-award winning Broadway producer Mitchell Maxwell. Vicki will also chat with Lucia Greenhouse who was forced to face the complex morality of a family cleaved by a rigid and demanding belief system.

Little Did I Know is more than an insider’s view of the joys of theater life, it is in the classic roman a clef tradition that brings to life the glory days of summer stock. It is a boundlessly entertaining story that proves the only option in pursuing a life of meaning and consequence is to follow your heart. Author Mitchell Maxwell is an accomplished and multiple award winning 35 year veteran of the entertainment industry. He is the visionary producer behind the percussive Stomp!, and has produced seven Broadway plays as well as over 30 off-Broadway and regional productions. In between he has found the time to oversee six major motion pictures as a producer, and has directed in both New York and London as well as owned and operated 3 off-Broadway theaters for over 20 years.

fathermothergod: My Journey Out of Christian Science is “as much an indictment of Christian Science as it is a memoir of her family’s experience of loss” according to O Magazine. Lucia Greenhouse grew up in a family rigidly devoted to Christian Science. When her cousins were ill or injured, they took an aspirin, visited a doctor, or went to the hospital. But Lucia’s nuclear family was different. When she or her siblings were ill or injured, her parents would sit with them and pray, and tell them the illness doesn’t exist. As they grew older, Lucia and her siblings grew wary of the unbending grip the religion had on them, and it came to a head when Lucia discovered one Christmas that something is terribly wrong with her mother, and her parents had been keeping it a secret. Lucia and her siblings must decide to be co-conspirators in their parents belief system at the risk of losing access to their mother. This poignant memoir will touch your heart and soul.

Finally, Vicki speaks with Terry Thomas, who asks if “ungodly Seattlites have it right?” Thomas believes that people in the greater Seattle area shun traditional churches and and religions because they have found a higher road to spirituality that isn’t based on rules or fear. His book Religion to Reality recounts his 40 year journey of soothing his soul after blind faith failed him. Thomas earned a PHD in Theology from Marquette University and has enjoyed a 25 year career as a Lutheran Minister.

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