Grammy winner Lani Hall Alpert — performer, lyricist, now author — joins Vicki to share her stories about the choices women face in Emotional Memoirs. The best story of all? Lani’s love affair with husband, Herb Alpert. Financial pressure… stress at work… relationship problems… troubles at home… chances are at some point you have had to deal with at least one of these issues, if not all at once! Clinical psychologist Guy Winch offers valuable advice for bouncing back from life’s biggest… and smallest… disappointments in his new book Emotional First Aid.

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It seems like more than ever before, we are being assaulted by emotions from every different direction, whether it be financial security in a troubling economy, the increased difficulty of finding perfect balance in our relationships, a stressful work environment, or even with the kids acting out. Clinical psychologist Guy Winch recognizes the harm that can be done by dealing with the cumulative effects of stress on the body and mind, and he has come forth to offer relief in the form of Emotional First Aid. In the book, he discusses the seven most common psychological injuries daily life can cause, including rejection, loneliness, guilt, failure, low self-esteem, loss, guilt and rumination, and offers well researched and easy to administer (even to kids!) treatments to soothe the pain and keep things from getting worse! In addition to holding a doctorate in clinical psychology and having a private practice in Manhatten, Winch is a member of the American Psychological Association and an in-demand keynote speaker.

Lani Alpert Hall was born and raised in Chicago, becoming a professional vocalist at age 19. Travelling the world as lead singer of Sergio Mendez and Brasil ’66, her credits include 12 albums in English, Spanish, and Portugese, and the titular song for the James Bond film Never Say Never Again. She received a Grammy Award for her Latin CD, Es Facil Amar, in 1985, and to this day continues to record with her husband, the legendary Herb Alpert of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. A writer of innumerable lyrics throughout her life, Emotional Memoirs and Short Stories marks her first book. She uses the powerful creativity that marks her musical career to peek deeply into the inner lives of women and artists in this urban Chicago based anthology, investigating that fine line between creative fact and personal fiction.

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