The oil industry would like you to believe that fracking is the miracle cure-all to our energy ills, but energy expert Richard Heinberg doesn’t buy the hype, and has done the research to tell you why. Vicki also welcomes Joshua Safran, whose new book tells the compelling true tale of a childhood surrounded by free spirit and the counter-culture, and how he overcame a hand-to-mouth, off the grid youth to become a successful lawyer and advocate for survivors of domestic abuse and wrongful imprisonment! We’ll also be joined by NYT bestseller Carla Neggers on her latest work! 

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Richard Heinberg, among the world’s foremost energy educators, casts a critical eye on the oil industry hype that has hijacked America’s energy conservation in his new book Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future. Heinberg uses information obtained from the most thorough analysis of shale gas and oil drilling ever undertaken to answer the question of whether fracking is a miracle cure to all of our energy problems, or merely a costly distraction from finally freeing ourselves of the dependance of fossil fuels.

When Joshua Safran was 4 years old, his mother Claudia, a middle-class ’60’s flower child on the hunt for paradise, took her young son on the open road and off the grid. His became a youth of extreme hardship, enduring years of horrific abuse at the hands of a violent alcoholic stepdad, an endless parade of counter-culture characters living on the margins of society, and a true hand to mouth existance. Safran persevered, and despite his unorthodox childhood, attended and graduated college on a full scholarship and followed that by travelling to Israel to study at several yeshivas. Finally, he returned to the US and put himself through law school. Today, as a successful lawyer who works pro bono tirelessly in addition to his day job, Safran champions those who have suffered domestic abuse and wrongful imprisonment on a national level from his home in San Francisco. His new book, Free Spirit: Growing Up On the Road and Off the Grid, tells the story of how he overcame the odds. Safran was the subject of the award-winning documentary Crime After Crime.
Carla Neggers has been spinning stories ever since she climbed a tree with a pad and pen at age eleven. Now she has millions of copies of her books in print in more than 30 countries, and has placed over two dozen books atop the New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists. Her latest work, Declan’s Cross, takes place in an idyllic South of Ireland seaside village, where an escape to heal a broken heart becomes a dangerous journey riddled with death and deception!

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