HOW DOES NATURE satisfy our desires, and learn to create new ones? We’ll explore producer/director Michael Schwarz’ new film, the Botany of Desire, coming to PBS TV Wed Oct 28 at 8pm. Later, award-winning journalist Steven Winn’s Come Back, Como is described by Amy Tan as “A delightful story about the joys and deeper meanings dogs bring into our lives.”

In 1983, author Michael Pollan and his wife left New York City to make a new home on an abandoned dairy farm. Little did he know it would eventually lead him to an original and provocative re-interpretation of the relationship between plants and people. Based on Pollan’s best selling book The Botany of Desire, produced and directed by Michael Schwarz takes viewers from the potato fields of Peru and Idaho to the apple forests of Kazakhstan, from the tulip markets of Amsterdam to the medical marijuana grow rooms of the United States. Along the way, the program will explore the natural history of the apple, the tulip, marijuana, and the potato – and the human desires that link their destinies to our own. View on PBS November, 3rd. See PBS Previews.

Author of Come Back, Como: Winning the Heart of a Reluctant Dog, Steven Winn is an award-winning journalist and fiction writer who spent many years as a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle. A Philadelphia native and founding staff member of the Seattle Weekly, he held a Wallace Stegner Fellowship in fiction at Stanford University. His work has appeared in Good Housekeeping, National Lampoon, The New York Times, Parenting, Prairie Schooner, Sports Illustrated, and UTNE Reader. He lives with his family in San Francisco.

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