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Arguably the most ambitious wildlife conservation program of all time is underway right here in our backyard, connecting Canada and Mexico through a wildlife corridor to allow plants and animals to migrate and thrive. Learn more as Vicki is joined today by Mary Ellen Hannibal, who travelled the length of the region to report on the project. Vicki also talks with sloth aficionado Lucy Cooke about her latest work in Costa Rica. First aired 3/25/13.

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The past decade has been a disappointment for those who care about the environment. The fight against destructive forces such as global warming, over-development, and pollution seem mired in red tape as national governments do little to manage the problems. Despite this, there is a tremendous effort underway in the American west, where local citizens have been joined by scientists, activists, and corporate entities to help link protected natural areas along the Rocky Mountains. In Spine of the Continent, Mary Ellen Hannibal reveals the details of her travels along this new wildlife corridor that stretches from Canada to Mexico, introducing us to cougars, wolves, bears, and charming small town folk dedicated to protecting the natural environment. Mary Ellen Hannibal is a widely acclaimed and award-winning writer and editor focusing on science and culture.

Move over, pandas, there’s a new adorable wild animal on the scene! British filmmaker, zoologist, photographer, and founder of the Sloth Appreciaton Society Lucy Cooke joins Vicki to talk about her new book, A Little Book of Sloth. The book stars the sloths of Costa Rica’s sloth sanctuary, dubbed “Slothville” by Cooke, and highlights her work with the cute and furry creatures in an outstanding photo-essay! Find out more at! Cooke is also an associate of National Geographic.

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