Anthropologist Barbara King joins Vicki to discuss her compelling new book, How Animals Grieve. Also today, success coach Jen Sincero sends out a get-your-butt-moving call to all the people who don’t realize their own power and potential! 

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In her new book, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, author and success coach Jen Sincero shares the self-help/spiritual practices that have worked wonders for her and the thousands she has touched. She mixes hilarious stories and snarky comments with sage advice, inspiring quotes, and uplifting examples, and even throws in some easy to learn but effective exercises. Jen has helped people all over the globe to build their lives into what seems only possible in their dreams!
Featuring a series of fascinating examples, How Animals Grieve is a touching and beautiful look at how animals react to the death of a loved one. Some of the stories include distinct changes in an animals behavior or routine, adventurous critters refusing to explore, starving themselves, even showing body language that personifies depression or sadness. Author Barbara J. King further argues that, like humans, animals grieve in different ways. Just because one dog grieves a certain way, it may not hold true for another dog under similar circumstances. Elephants, cats, dogs, ducks, chimpanzees, dolphins… all may grieve differently or in some cases, not at all. King has studied monkeys in Kenya, and great apes in captivity in various settings throughout Africa and the US. A popular guest on interview programs and recipient of numerous teaching awards, she is a strong proponent, and through her research has advanced the theory that animals have deeper emotional relationships than previously though. King earned her PhD in anthropology from the University of Oklahoma, and is Chancellor Professor of Anthropology at the College of William and Mary. In addition to her new book on animal grief, she has authored Being WIth Animals, Evolving God, The Dynamic Dance, and numerous other books.

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