Have you ever felt like the proverbial round peg in the square hole? Chances are you have, especially if you have ever started a new job or transferred to a new workplace. David Couper can show you how to take what seems like a disadvantage and turn it into your best asset!

We also talk with Peter Miller about his new book The Smart Swarm. In it, he demonstrates the latest science and research on the business, social, and technological implications of groups of animals and what we can learn from them. 

In his new book, Outsider on the Inside: How to Create a Winning Career Even When You Don’t Fit In, David Couper provides simple but effective strategies to guide you into capitalizing on what makes you a unique person and using it to your advantage. His advice is tailored to everyone, whether you are just starting out in the workforce, or a seasoned veteran looking to recharge your career. Couper has won awards for his career training and has coached people across the world to become successful “outsiders on the inside.”

Peter Miller is the senior editor at National Geographic. In The Smart Swarm, his fascinating insights into the way we learn from the animal world have made quite a buzz in the business community. His examples include how ants, bees, termites, birds, and locusts have a strong capacity for efficiency, organization and planning, and how major corporations have implemented their strategies in their daily operations.

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