To find the mythical fountain of youth, you may need to look no further than your own body! Dermatologist Howard Murad debunks myths about hydration and inflammation, and reveals the secrets of using water to help look and feel younger. Dream Coach Joyce Chapman answers listener questions and provides a method to gain clarity over your challenges. Vicki also chats with Jen Marlowe, Seattle based activist, author, and filmaker.

Dr. Howard Murad is one of the world’s leading experts on healthcare. In his book The Water Secret, he shares a new, scientifically proven strategy of the best way to hydrate with water- eat it! Dr. Murad demonstrates the difference between drinking and “eating” your water, and reveals secrets to take years off your looks, making you feel healthier. His inclusive approach has received praise from people as varied as Jeff Probst, Debbie Gibson, Joy Behar, and Joan Lunden.

Joyce Chapman is our resident Dream Coach, and today she not only answers listener questions, she is also going to give related journaling exercises to help you gain clarity around your challenges! And today Vicki ends the show with Jen Marlowe, Seattle based activist, author and filmaker.

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