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Have you ever gone shopping, grabbed a basket and before long realized you should have gotten a cart instead? Retailers and advertisers are using science to influence every step of the path from browsing to purchase. In The Brain Sell: When Science Meets Shopping, Dr. David Lewis examines the latest neuroscience and analyzes the shopping experience like never before. Then, learn to Think Like A Negotiator: 50 Ways to Create Win Win Results by Understanding the Pitfalls to Avoid with CEO and negotiation expert Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez.

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The latest research in neuroscience has revealed much about the hidden influences which shape the way people shop. In The Brain Sell: When Science Meets Shopping, author Dr. David Lewis examines how advertisers, marketers, and retailers utilize this research to subtly each stage of the shopping experience. He points out the 6 mental and emotional stages a consumer goes through before a sale is made, and looks at the 3 key sales lessons neuromarketing studies teach and what the salespeople must learn. Dr. Lewis is an author, award-winning broadcaster, conference speaker, and Chairman and founder of Mindlab International, a UK leader in the neuroscience of consumerism and communications.

While even simply hearing the word “negotiation” can evoke fear, stress, or anxiety in many, it should never be looked at as anything more than it’s intent: to discuss and ultimately agree on a deal. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar contract or just where to meet for lunch, life is rife with negotiations. In Think Like A Negotiator: 50 Ways to Create Win Win Results by Understanding the Pitfalls to Avoid, veteran negotiation and contracts expert Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez shows the reader that negotiation is like a chess game where strategy reigns supreme, and one careless, short-sighted, or ill-conceived move can have dire consequences. CEO of Dynamic Vision International Inc., Eldonna is a retired air force veteran with 23 years of honorable service. She also boasts over 30 years of leadership, contracts management and negotiation experience, and has negotiated contracts from $1 to $100 million both domestically and internationally.

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