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Jun 19: Ben & Me with Award-Winning Journalist & NYT Bestselling Author Eric Weiner

In Search of a Founder’s Formula for a Long and Useful Life

Ben and Me with author Eric Weiner

Part biography, part travelogue, part memoir, Ben & Me is not a traditional biography. It’s a guide to thinking well and living a useful life. It’s about curiosity, diligence, constant learning, and, most of all, the elusive goal of self-improvement.

Eric Weiner follows Franklin from Philadelphia to Paris, and Boston to London, to discover Ben’s life lessons, large and small.

We learn how to improve a relationship by asking someone to do you a favor—a psychological phenomenon known as The Ben Franklin Effect. Weiner discloses Franklin’s biggest strengths, his human flaws, and what most disappointed him about Ben. Eric also shares what he learned about himself on this journey. And much more.

Meer Eric Weiner – Author, Speaker, Philosophical Traveler

An award-winning journalist, bestselling author, and speaker, Eric Weiners latest book is Ben & Me: In Search of a Founder’s Formula for a Long and Useful Life. His other books include The Geography of Bliss, The Geography of Genius, Man Seeks God and The Socrates Express. Eric is a former foreign correspondent for NPR, and reporter for The New York Times. He is a regular contributor to The Washington Post, BBC Travel, and AFAR, among other publications. And he lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

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