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AUG 19: Dr. Jennifer Jacobs’ Do You Really Need That Pill & Sarah Anne Shockley’s The Pain Companion

Almost 70% of Americans take a form of prescription drug regularly, and 450 people a day die due to the side effects caused by them.  Do You Really Need That Pill: How to Avoid Side Effects, Interactions, and Other Dangers of Over-Medication discusses which popular drugs are being overprescribed, and offers tips on how to speak to your doctors about your medication regimen.

Jennifer Jacobs, MD. practiced family medicine in Seattle for 25 years, was on the advisory board of the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine, and is a clinical assistant professor in epidemiology at the University of Washington.

Later, Sarah Anne Shockley learned about chronic pain through personal experience.  Rather than succumb to the incapacitating effects of it, she met the pain, worked with it, and overcame debilitation.  You can benefit from her experiences by reading her new book, The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living with and Moving Beyond Pain.

Sarah is a columnist for the Pain News Network and contributes to online community for pain sufferers, The Mighty.  She has lived with debilitating nerve pain for over a decade.

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