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Better Sex, Better Health, Better You with Dr. Nita Landry

Dr. Nita’s Crash Course for Women

Dr. Nita Landry answers the questions women don’t always want to ask. Questions about female sexuality, orgasms, what the orgasm gap means, and why it’s good to focus less on orgasms and more on just having fun.

She also shares what we need to know about STDs — at any age! Plus we look at the latest medical guidance on health screenings for cancer of the breast and cervix.

About Dr. Nita Landry

Nita Landry is an MD, OB-GYN. In addition to cohosting The Doctors, she served as a medical expert on other TV programs including Good Morning America, Today, Dr. Phil, CBS national news, and Black Entertainment Television. And served as an ambassador for National Women’s Health Week from 2018 through 2021. Dr. Nita Landry’s book is Crash Course for Women: Better Sex, Better Health, Better you.

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