The Case for Good Apologies

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry with author Marjorie Ingall

If you’ve ever received an apology that felt more like an insult, or maybe given an apology that wasn’t well received, coauthor Marjorie Ingall joins us to share how we can do better in Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, The Case for Good Apologies.

We explore why apologies matter and their remarkable healing power. We look at a couple of really bad apologies that went viral, and examine how they could have been more effectively communicated. We also look at what you should never say in an apology. How to deliver a genuine apology in six (and a half) very simple steps. How to teach kids to apologize, and more.

About Coauthors Marjorie Ingall and Susan McCarthy

Marjorie Ingall is the author of Mamaleh Knows Best and writes about Jewish topics and children’s literature. Susan McCarthy, coauthor of When Elephants Weep, often writes about wildlife and animal behavior. Together they have studied and analyzed apologies in the news, pop culture, literature, and politics since 2012, at their watchdog site,