If you’ve ever woken up and wondered about that bizarre dream you just had and what it meant, don’t miss today’s show! Vicki welcomes Dream Detective Mimi Pettibone to reveal insight into those subconscious movies! Mimi will be fielding listener calls, so if you have been puzzled by your nighttime visions, let her take a shot at shedding some light! Later, find out why making mistakes might be the best thing you can do from research scientist Kathryn Tristan!  Plus, learn how visual goal setting will change your life with Patti Dobrowolski
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Curious about dreams as a young girl, Mimi Pettibone turned her youthful fascination into her own little niche in the world as the Dream Detective. Combining several methodologies, her own experiences, and the expertise of those in related fields such as cellular biology and neuroscience, she has become a leading expert on dream interpretation and how to use the information contained in dreams to make positive life changes! Visit her website at TheDreamDetective.com and ask her anything you wish about your dreams! Mimi will also be taking listener calls today to help interpret your subconscious musings!

Many of us succumb to the stress and anxiety caused by a fear of failure. Even the smallest little screw-up can drive us crazy! Kathryn Tristan was the same way, until she learned to knock the fear out of the driver’s seat and assumed control of her own life! In her new book Why Worry, Tristan tackles fear and anxiety head on with simple, effective, battled tested solutions that really work!

Research shows the odds you against you making a change are 9 to 1.  Patti Dobrowolski can show you how to beat those odds!  Patti is the author of Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life, using her experiences as a business consultant and keynote speaker to help you up your creative genius!  Visit her website Upyourcreativegenius.com now to find out information about her upcoming New Year, New You workshop from 1-3 PM on Sunday, January 6th at Seattle Unity Church!

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