Dr. David Dosa writes: “With lips slightly pursed, he snores peacefully — perhaps blissfully unaware of where he is now living. Oscar continues down the hallway until he reaches its end and Room 310. The door is closed, so Oscar sits and waits. He has important business here.” Is Oscar a little, furry grim reaper? Or a comfort to those who are about to pass over? And if you’re looking to stay married for the long haul, hear what therapists Charlie and Linda Bloom learned from 27 couples who’ve been married for more than 30 years. Listen now!

David Dosa MD, MPH is a practicing geriatrician and health services researcher at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. David garnered international attention for an essay on Oscar that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. After the story made headlines on morning television programs and newspapers around the world (not to mention People Magazine), David decided to write a book about his experiences with Oscar. That book, Making Rounds with Oscar-The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat was written mostly on nights and weekends during the ensuing months. See more at Dr. David Doza and Oscar the Cat on Facebook!

Linda Bloom, LCSW and Charlie Bloom, MSW have been married since 1972. Trained as psychotherapists and relationship counselors, they have worked with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations since 1975. They have lectured and taught at learning institutes throughout the USA, including the Esalen Institute, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the California Institute for Integral Studies, the Meridian University, John F. Kennedy University, the Crossings, Omega institute, the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, University of California at Berkeley Extension Program, the Hoffman Institute, and the World Health Organization. They have offered seminars throughout the world, including China, Japan, Indonesia, Denmark, Sweden, India, Brazil, and many other locations. More at www.bloomwork.com. Their new book: Secrets of Great Marriages, Real Truth from Real Couples about Lasting Love.

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