John W. Phillips went from being a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel to a mid-level executive at a Fortune 50 company, and details how to navigate the stormy waters of transitioning from a military to a civilian career in his new book Boots to Loafers. Also today, Dr. Tascha Eurich, PhD, offers tips on how to become more productive at work to open up free time outside of the office this summer! And stay tuned for Brian Fielkow’s tips on what to do when your boss is a big bully!

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Having experienced firsthand the challenges faced by veterans making the transition from a military to a civilian career, retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel John W. Phillips shares crucial advice for those men and women who leave the service with a certain rank, awards, and designations just to find these hard-earned honors don’t translate to the private sector. “Be proud of what you have done for your country and leave it at that,” he advises in his new book Boots to Loafers: Finding Your New True North. Today LTC Phillips is a mid-level finance executive with the Coca-Cola company, proving that it is possible to have a distinguished career in both the military and civilian sectors.

In the day and age we live in, it has become more difficult than ever to unplug from our wireless worlds and balance work with life. Enter Dr. Tascha Eurich, PhD, executive coach and author of the NY Times bestselling Bankable Leadership. Dr. Eurich has spent the last decade helping managers and leaders become more productive at work so they can spend more time away from it! With summer right around the corner now is the perfect time to listen to her tips including why it’s ok to say “no” to your boss, ways to get help when it’s needed, and how to establish appropriate boundaries with co-workers. Dr. Eurich is an organizational psychologist and public speaker whose life’s work is to help organizations succeed by improving the effectiveness of their leadership.

If you feel you have been bullied by your boss, you are not alone. Business News Daily reports a study by the Workplace Bullying Institute that found 27% of U.S. employees have been bullied at work -that is nearly 37 million people! Furthermore, 55% of those bullied said their boss was the perpetrator. So when your manager makes working a nightmare, what recourse do you have? Workplace and company culture expert Brian Fielkow has the ultimate guide to helping you transform the culture at work from one of bullying and intimidation to creating a thriving work environment in his book Driving To Perfection. Fielkow began his professional career as a lawyer, and is currently president of rapidly growing cargo and trucking company Jetco Delivery.

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