Joe Camp revealed the heart and soul of a dog in creating Benji, now he brings a riveting story which will forever change the way you feel about horses!

With the same passionate spirit that went into his first novel on the subject, The Soul of a Horse, Joe Camp returns with The Soul of a Horse BLOGGED- The Journey Continues. Live each moment with Joe and his wife Kathleen as they experience inspiration and compelling discoveries about their own lives as they move their herd from California to Tennessee… adopting a pregnant wild Mustang along the way. Joe Camp’s writing has made a profound impact on the way horses are trained, kept, and cared for the world over. Camp is perhaps best known for creating the timeless stories of canine superstar Benji.

Later, Vicki discusses the power mother’s can take back this Mother’s Day with gender expert and author of You’re Grounded Forever… But First, Let’s Go Shopping Susan Shapiro Barash.

Finally, social justice activist and Collective Visioning author Linda Stout talks about how groups with differing backgrounds can work together for a just and sustainable future.

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