Transform your fears into action and start the business of your dreams with Jen Groover. Later, Vicki talks to KaBoom! CEO Darrell Hammond and The Thirteenth Gift author Charlene Costanzo.

Tagged by Success Magazine as a one-woman brand, Jen Groover has taken action by rethinking the unproductive questions in the title of her book, What If? and Why Not?. Jen is a leading entrepreneur and highly sought after lifestyle and business speaker on programs such as CBS’ Early Show, ABC’s Money Matters, and many others.

Darrell Hammond is the CEO and founder of KaBoom!, a world-class nonprofit organization dedicated to providing communities with the tools, resources, and guidance to build kid-designed imaginative and fun playgrounds and play spaces. He shares his uplifting journey in his book KaBoom! How One Man Built a Movement to Save Play.

Charlene Costanzo is an award-winning author whose Twelve Gifts series of books have provided inspiration, healing, and empowerment in every area of life. On a recent assignment in Eastern Europe, Charlene learns of a local legend, and the profound impact it had on her life led to her latest book, The Thirteenth Gift.

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