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Jul 03: Sue Van Raes Defines Food & Freedom

Discover Your Personal Recipe to Eat, Think, and Live Well

Food and Freedom with author Sue Van Raes

Sue Van Raes helps break through some of the misinformation and disinformation around our biochemistry, metabolism, and what that really means to us and our health – emotional, mental, and physical.

She says while most people blame food for their weight issues, food is actually a symptom. We discuss why embodied eating is important, and what that means. How aligned action benefits us. Where resistance shows up. How eating with your soul improves your life, and the best ways to overcome food coping skills such as comfort eating, food restriction, and food perfectionism.

Meet Sue Van Raes

The author of Food and Freedom: Discover Your Recipe to Eat, Think, and Live Well, Sue Van Raes is a functional nutritionist, food psychology specialist, and psycho-spiritual practitioner dedicated to helping women (and men) transform the way they eat, think, and live. Her work is featured in numerous publications including People magazine, Chopra, Livestrong, and Reader’s Digest. More about Sue at Boulder Nutrition.

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