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Feb 08: From Showing Off to Showing Up with Nancy Regan

The perfect job, perfect marriage, perfect kids … she was deliriously happy. But was she?

Podcast Nancy Regan From Showing Off to Showing Up

In what seemed from the outside to be a great life, Nancy Regan reached a point where she knew she was living a lie and had to make changes. Big ones. One of the hardest was to let go of her persistent need for perfection, from herself and others.

In her new book — part memoir, part self-empowerment guide — Nancy shares her journey from successful TV host to living a more authentic and fearless life. We discuss how comparing ourselves steals our joy. How Nancy’s fear kept her stuck in shame. How she dealt with imposter syndrome. And how she brings herself back to the present when she finds herself retreating into old patterns.

About Nancy Regan

She’s a passionate storyteller who built a solid reputation over 15 years as the host of CTV Atlantic’s Live at 5. Nancy Regan also served as the national host of Good Morning Canada and That News show. She’s interviewed people from Oprah to Madonna and Russell Crowe. From Showing Off to Showing Up: An Impostor’s Journey from Perfect to Present is Nancy Regan’s debut book.

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