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May 12: Go Big Now with Julia Pimsleur

8 Essential Mindset Practices to Overcome Any Obstacle and Reach Your Goals

Many people work out daily to improve their core strength. But how many of us work on developing our core mindset? And what does that even mean? Winners know, for sure, and Julia Pimsleur‘s new book is based on the eight mindset practices that highly successful people have in common.

Today we discuss a little about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how your brain filters information via its RAS. Why we should pay attention to areas where we feel resistance. What changes when we practice BE-DO-HAVE. How to bust our limiting beliefs. And how women can use the 8 Essential Mindset Practices to help them thrive in the pandemic “She-cession”.

About Julia Pimsleur

Julia Pimsleur is the author of Go Big Now: 8 Essential Mindset Practices to Overcome Any Obstacle and Reach Your Goals and the bestselling Million Dollar Women. She is a master practitioner and coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the founder of the Million Dollar Women social venture. Pimsleur also developed the #1 language teaching company for kids, Little Pim, into a multimillion-dollar business.

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JAN 22: Finding Prosperity Through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga. Lessons from Google & a Zen Monastery Kitchen

Today’s guest says “When prosperity is equated with material wealth attained for its own sake, the word prosperity loses its deep meaning.” In The Jewel of Abundance: Finding Prosperity Through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga author Ellen Grace O’Brian‘s focuses on how to fulfill your soul and material desires, without hyper-materialism.

Ellen Grace O’Brian is the director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose, CA. She’s taught Kriya Yoga internationally for over three decades. As an award-winning poet, Ellen weaves poetry into her teachings.

Also, how would your life be different if you could achieve maximum focus without losing flexibility?  If you achieved more of the ‘right things’ while bringing more peace into the world? With his Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen, author Marc Lesser dishes up the tools you’ll need for optimum accomplishment without the stress that comes with it.

Marc was founder and CEO of three companies, and is the author of four books. He was a resident of the San Francisco Zen Center for 10 years, and director of Tassajara, Zen Mountain Center, the first Zen monastery in the western world.

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