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Jul 17: The Haters with Bestselling Novelist Robyn Harding

A twisted tale of fame, obsession, and the dark recesses of social media.

The Haters with author Robyn Harding

Author Robyn Harding shares her frightening, real life story that inspired her latest novel, The Haters.

We discuss The Haters storyline and how Robyn created a novel within a novel. How she develops her characters. Her favorite scenes to write. Why tension is important to moving the story forward, and how screenwriting helped develop her writing skills.

Robyn also shares why she was thrilled, as a Canadian author, to use Vancouver BC as the book’s key location. And why she dedicated The Haters to ” … everyone with the courage to put their work – and themselves – out into the world.

Meet Robyn Harding

Robyn Harding is the bestselling author of several novels including The Haters, The Drowning Woman, The Perfect Family, The Arrangement, Her Pretty Face, and The Party, which was a finalist for the Arthur Ellis Award for best crime novel. Her novel, The Swap, debuted at #1 on the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star Canadian bestsellers lists. She is also the screenwriter and executive producer of the independent film, The Steps. She lives in Vancouver, BC, with her family and two cute but deadly rescue chihuahuas.

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Feb 28: Love Hacks for The 15 Most Common Relationship Issues with Kelli Miller

Bite-size nuggets of wisdom to quickly regain connection & love long-term

Love Hacks with author Kelli Miller

Based on her in-depth experience working with couples and individuals, Kelli Miller joins us to discuss her latest book, Love Hacks: Simple Solutions to Your Most Common Relationship Issues.

We discuss some of the most common issues among couples – from My Partner Doesn’t Listen to Me, There’s Too Much Anger Between Us, to Overcoming Cultural Differences, Developing Trust After Infidelity, Social Media Interference, Relationship Cornerstones, and When to Call It Quits.

Meet Kelli Miller

Kelli Miller, LCSW, MSW is a psychotherapist, TV/radio host, and the award-winning author of Thriving with ADHD: A Workbook for Kids. She is a writer and relationship host for wikiHow.com, and a relationship host for Balance By Nature TV. Kelli was a co-host on LA Talk Radio, and an expert radio personality for SIRIUS/XM Radio. She’s been featured on many local and national media channels, and in numerous publications. Her latest book is Love Hacks: Simple Solutions to Your Most Common Relationship Issues.

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