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Dec 28: Breaking Through Creative Blocks with Patti Dobrowolski

Get Unstuck, Visualize New Possibilities, Create

Creative Genius You, the Equation that Makes You Great with author Patti Dobrowolski

In Creative Genius You, The Equation That Makes YOU Great! Patti Dobrowolski outlines a simple formula that helps you tap into your unique genius and creativity.

Today Patti shares the subtle math behind goal achievement. What it means to give yourself permission to listen to your inner voice. We discuss imagination, curiosity, and intuition. How sketching (yes, even for non-artists) can help release blocks and accelerate the creative process. And, the Desire + Love + Sweat equation.

About Patti Dobrowolski

Three-times TedX speaker, Patti Dobrowolski, is a critically acclaimed comic performer, international keynote speaker, writer, and business consultant. She has taught innovative visual practices to Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and small businesses. In an earlier podcast you can hear about Patti Dobrowolski’s first book, Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life.

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DEC 16: Unlock Your Radical Intuition with Kim Chestney

A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power

Nothing stays the same forever and as we move away from the information age, Kim Chestney says we’re at the start of the intuition revolution. It’s time to own your real power by tapping into your intuition – in business and in life.

We discuss what Radical Intuition means, and the difference between instinct and intuition. How radical intuition can help support your life and personal growth. And how knowing the 4 archetypes of intuition, and identifying your primary style, can help remove blocks and open up flow.

About Kim Chestney

An author, innovation leader, and the founder of Intuition Lab, Kim Chestney‘s work has been featured or supported by leading-edge organizations including SXSW Interactive, Carnegie Mellon University, and Hewlett-Packard. Kim’s new book is Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power.

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SEP 23: Bridgit Dengel Gaspard on How to Get to The Final 8th

Why do so many of us stop short of completing our goals, even when we’ve worked really hard to get 7/8 of the way there? Bridgit Dengel Gaspard terms this phenomenon The Final 8th and  shares insights into the many reasons we don’t make it to the finish line.

We discuss what Bridgit means by our inner selves, how to tap into them, and why they often have competing motives. She highlights how to identify symptoms of inner selves that don’t communicate verbally, such as headaches and insomnia. And how our core beliefs can sabotage our efforts.

Author of The Final 8th: Enlist Your Inner Selves to Accomplish Your Goals, Bridgit Dengel Gaspard is a therapist, coach, and master facilitator of voice dialogue. She’s led workshops for the Omega Institue, the National Association of Social Workers, the Actors Fund, and others. A former performer and comic, Bridgit has a practice in New York and specializes in creativity blocks, transitions, and being stuck short of the finish line.

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