Relax Your Mind  & Discover the Wonder of Your True Nature

Peter Russell says “Think of letting go as, not another thing to do,but as an un-doing of holding on.”  Today, he shares approaches to help us release thoughts and feelings that block happiness, impede growth, and hinder self-acceptance.   

We’ll discuss why there is no such thing as ego, the difference between feelings and emotions, and how imagination can get in the way of happiness.  Letting Go of Nothing is filled to the brim with real world wisdom and empowering practices.

About Peter Russell

Peter Russell is an author, speaker, and thought leader on consciousness and contemporary spirituality. He holds degrees in theoretical physics and psychology, a masters in computer science, and extensive studies in meditation and eastern philosophy. The latest of his 12 books, Letting Go of Nothing: Relax Your Mind and Discover the Wonder of Your True Nature,  is a special Eckhart Tolle Edition.