10 Steps to Shedding Self-Doubt, Strengthening Your Spiritual Core, & Creating a Fun & Fulfilling Life

With roots in positive psychology, neuroscience, and whole-person coaching techniques, The Full Spirit Workout  by Kate Eckman shares practices that saved and transformed her life. Kate’s results-driven plan is designed as an ongoing resource.

Kate shares her 5-minute daily check in. A better way to look at perfectionism. Resistance and surrender.  And how to make sure you’ve not lost sight of the truth of who you are.

About Kate Eckman

TV personality and broadcast journalist KATE ECKMAN is a former athlete whose expertise in communications, performance, and mindfulness aid her as a success coach for business leaders and athletes.  Kate is a certified ICF coach (ACC), a licensed NBI consultant, and a meditation teacher and course creator for Insight Timer. The FULL SPIRIT WORKOUT: A 10-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun & Fulfilling Life is Kate’s first book.