Rebecca Chopp’s career was derailed but her life took on a new direction empowering others

Activist, Author, Scholar Rebecca Chopp on Alzheimer’s Disease

As chancellor at the University of Denver, Rebecca Chopp had no plans to retire. She still had many things she wanted to accomplish. But in 2019, a routine visit to her doctor derailed those plans when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Rebecca now spends her days empowering others through her work with Voices of Alzheimer’s. Today she shares how she coped with the devastating news. Why she kept her diagnosis private for several months. How and why she went public, and why she cofounded Voices of Alzheimer’s. And how she managed to write her upcoming book, Still Me.

Most importantly, Rebecca Chopp shares how she held on to her identity and finds ways to live well with friends and family.

About Rebecca Chopp

Rebecca Chopp, PhD, is an Alzheimer’s activist and educator. Chopp co-founded Voices of Alzheimer’s and serves as a member of the  Board of the National Alzheimer’s Association, and is a member of the board of the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. She is a frequent speaker and writer on timely diagnosis, research for a cure, access and affordability of drugs, and lifestyle interventions for those with Alzheimer’s. Chopp’s book, Still Me, will be published in 2024. Before Chopp’s diagnosis with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s in 2019, she was a widely published author, editor, and renowned academic in the fields of education, philosophy, religion, and feminism.