A Recession-Proof Guide to Starting, Surviving, & Thriving In Your Own Venture

Trevor Blake Author of Secrets to a Successful Startup, Podcast

If you’re done working for The Man and want to get serious about starting your own venture, Trevor Blake has some great advice based on real-life business success. In Secrets to a Successful Startup Trevor says “It takes the same amount of effort to build a multimillion-dollar business as it takes to build a $50,000 business …” so what is it you want to fix, solve, create, accomplish, and become?

We discuss Trevor’s journey from a poor home background into successful entrepreneurship. Dipping into what he calls the foundation from which he’s built his own multimillion dollar business, Trevor shares what he means by global pioneering spirit, and why success always begins with self-leadership and mindset.

We discuss why you don’t need to know everything, as long as you’re smart enough to hire the right people. Where Trevor’s winning ideas came from and how he massaged them to fruition. And we look at some of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs, new and old.

Meet Trevor Blake

Trevor G. Blake is an entrepreneur, physicist, author, curious human, and life adventurer. As CEO, he founded three different medical technology companies, which sold for over $300 million.  He wrote his New York Times Bestseller, Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life after conquering his own self-limiting beliefs.  Secrets to a Successful Startup: A Recession Proof Guide to Starting, Surviving and Thriving in your Own Venture is a practical handbook based on his own experience, proven business studies, and real-life success stories of winning entrepreneurs.