February has arrived and it’s time to take stock… chances are you fall into one of two groups. Either you have had success with your New Year’s resolutions, or here you are, a month later, and it’s fallen by the wayside. Helene Segura MA Ed is back for part two of a three-part series to help you keep cruising along if you have stuck to your resolutions, or to show you it’s not too late to get back on track!

At 3:30 am the hamster wheel in your head is going 90 mph. After tossing and turning all night your alarm clock finally sounds and you face another exhausting day, only to repeat it again. How do you go from worry to a calm and peaceful mind? The Worry Free Mind: Train Your Brain, Calm the Stress Spin Cycle, and Discover a Happier, More Productive You by Carol Kershaw, EdD, and Bill Wade, PhD will teach you how to quickly calm yourself whenever worry or fear threatens to overwhelm you.

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