It was a fight club… but without the fighting and without the men. Part manual, part manifesto,Feminist Fight Club by award-winning journalist Jessica Bennett blends the personal stories of a group of women who formed a secret group in New York City to combat today’s sexism and redefine sexist archetypes.

Through millenia, humans have been predators, leaning toward conquests, materialism, exploitation, and self-centeredness. Our tendency is not to trust. Maybe it’s time we model our body, mind and spirits after horses. Lead with Your Heart: Lessons from a Life with Horses byneurosurgeon and horse trainer Dr. Allan Hamilton explores how horses offer models of fairness, forgiveness, and leadership, yearning for harmony, tranquility and kindness.

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Once upon a time, you might have called it a consciousness-raising group. But the women who participate realize the problems of today’s working world are more subtle, less pronounced, harder to identify…and harder to prove… than those of their foremothers. These women weren’t just there to vent. They needed battle tactics. And so the Feminist Fight Club was born. Every month, the women would huddle in a friend’s apartment to share sexist job frustrations and trade tips for how best to tackle them. Author Jessica Bennett is an award-winning journalist and critic who writes on gender issues, sexuality and culture. She is a feature writer and columnist at the New York Times, and her work work has also appeared in Newsweek, where she began her career as a staff writer, Time, where she was a columnist, and Cosmopolitan, where she helps edit a quarterly section on women and work.

A horse trainer for over 20 years, Dr. Allan Hamilton found that since horses are prey animals, their partnerships are based on trust, while humans, predatory in nature, lack the natural instinct to trust others. In Lead with Your Heart: Lessons from a Life with Horses, he explores topics like mindfulness, stalking happiness, leading and following, and energy and emotion using the horse as teacher. Dr. Hamilton started his working life as a janitor. He would eventually go on to graduate from Harvard Medical School and complete his neurosurgical residency training at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He has authored more than twenty medical textbook chapters, fifty peer-review research articles, and has served on the editorial board of several medical journals.

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