There’s nothing funny about anxiety, but licensed psychologists Dr. Chris Cortman and Dr. Harold Shinitzky use humor in their approach to helping others. In their new book is Take Control of Your Anxiety: A Drug-Free Approach to Living a Happy, Healthy Life, they combine brain science, case studies, exercises and a little levity to deliver an easy read for anyone suffering from anxiety.

Food is not the culprit leading to overeating according to psychotherapist and eating coach Karen R. Koenig. In Outsmarting Overeating, she illustrates how boosting essential life skills such as physical self-care, problem solving, and handling emotions can propel you toward beating overeating rather than relying on sheer willpower.

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Do you know what really triggers panic attacks? Are you a chronic worrier or have you ever self-medicated with alcohol or tranquilizers? According to mental health professionals, anxiety disorders have emerged as the common cold of mental illness. Dr. Chris Cortman and Dr. Harold Shinitzkyhave created a tool box of simple resources and self-help techniques with Take Control of Your Anxiety: A Drug-Free Approach to Living a Happy, Healthy Life, emphasizing a non-pharmaceutical, evidence-based approach to mastering anxiety. Chris Cortman, PhD has been a licensed psychologist for 28 years and is a much sought-after speaker, as well as providing psychological consultation at several hospitals. Harold Shinitzky, PhD has been a licensed psychologist for more than 20 years and was on the faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Outsmarting Overeating by Karen R. Koenig explores eight essential life skills, illustrating how lacking in them can cause unnecessary eating. She picks up where diet books leave off, covering the difference between compulsive and emotional eating, why troubled eaters will never end their food problems if they dont’ improve their life skills, the psychology of eating, and how to combat rebound eating. Karen is a licensed psychotherapist, eating coach, and speaker who has authored five other books about eating and weight.

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